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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 13th December 2022

Tuesday 13th December 2022


  • Silent Reading
  • Registers
  • Prayers
  • Advent Calendar

Christmas Colouring Competition



  • Enlarge the sheet to A3
  • Copy for each pupil plus spares!
  • Lots of coloured felts or pencils on desks



  •  You need to colour the A3 sheet.
  • You will need to add your name onto the design, around the edge. It needs to be large and clear to be seen from a distance.
  • You can add patterns, texture, shading to any part of the picture.  For example, maybe you have added a pattern to the walls (wallpaper) or made wrapping paper look Christmassy.
  • The more effort and time you spend planning and colouring, the better your colouring will be.



  • We use these designs as our place mats for the Christmas lunch.
  • It is a mindfulness activity, which can give us some focus, stillness and peace in a busy time of year.  This is good for you.
  • It's a competition and this is the prize!


LO: To use formal written multiplication

  • Today, you will be pairing up, to teach each other how to use the formal written method of multiplication.
  • Year 6 have covered this before and have some tricks and tips to help us.
  • Let's start with HOW TO DO IT.
  • Thankfully here is a video I made earlier.
  • Now you've seen how, I would like those that KNOW they can do this to sit with someone who DOESN'T KNOW YET if they can do it.
  • Work together to make sure the 'peer tutor' is teaching the best that they can and the 'peer learner' is learning the best that they can.



  • Ask each other questions if you are stuck.
  • Ask others if you are both stuck.
  • Watch the video a few times.
  • Treat learning this like you would a video game - if you don't succeed the first time, pick yourself up and try again.  It's all progress and experience.
  • Use those times tables tricks!

Main activity - TU x TU colouring



Can you do these in your books?

52 x 34 =

43 x 25 =

35 x 42 =

24 x 53 =

Christmas Themed Activities