Judged OUTSTANDING for Early Years, Personal Development and Behaviour and Attitudes (Ofsted May 2024), ......'In the Reception class, children receive an excellent start to their education.'.....'Children are exceptionally well prepared for learning in Year 1.'.....'Pupils develop as mature individuals due to the exemplary provision that they receive to support their personal development.'.....'Pupils’ behaviour during lessons and around school is exemplary.'.....'Pupils are proud of their school mission statement. They aspire ‘not to have more but to be more’ in all that they do. Pupils are happy in school.'.....

St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Wednesday 24th February

Happy Wednesday!  Check the blog for the who, what and when of the Zoom sessions today. There is also a kahoot quiz.

Wednesday Word

Maths - Year 5

LO: To multiply 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers

  1. Choose your difficulty and answer the questions.
  2. Use the answer sheet to mark your work.
  3. Post a photo or your scores on the blog and if you don't want it approved, just say so.

Don't forget, if you need some help you can check out the 'How to...' video and also come to the drop in maths Zoom at 11:00am - details on the blog.

Some Alternative activities for Mrs Charmer's Group

Maths - Year 6

LO: To calculate the area of a triangle

  1. Watch the video, stopping when asked, to answer questions.
  2. Answer the questions on the sheet, when asked to do so.
  3. Use the answer sheet to mark your work.
  4. Have a go at the True or False to see if you can apply your knowledge.
  5. Post a photo or your scores on the blog and if you don't want it approved, just say so.

Year 6 Lesson Video


LO: To identify who, what, when, where and why, in newspaper report orientations

The 'orientation' of a newspaper report introduces the content of the article by saying who, what, where, when and why something has happened.  We sometimes call these important questions words, 'The 5 Ws'.


1)  Read the examples of orientations on this document.

2)  Can you find examples of 'who, what, when, where and why' in the examples? (You can print and highlight or make notes in your books)

2)  Read the newspaper report from chapter 5 and the prologue about the Zeppelin disaster and record the who, what, where, when, why (5 Ws), on the sheet or in your books.

Here are some alternative activities for Mrs Charmer's Group - Unicorns

Chapter 8

Sit back and relax while you listen to chapter 8!

Design Technology

If you didn't do lesson 1 before half term, you will need to do both lessons today.


Cooking Lesson 1

LO: To celebrate culture and seasonality

Cooking Lesson 2

LO: To know where our food comes from