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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero



This week have been looking at materials and their properties, focusing on metal, plastic and wood. We have been words to describe them such as waterproof, rigid, durable, firm, shiny and solid.

We explored the classroom and identified objects and their material. We then sorted objects by their material (wood, plastic and metal). We used a Venn diagram to record our results. The Year 2 children were challenged to sort objects made out of two materials e.g. wood and plastic.

We sorted at classified foods using Venn and Caroll diagrams.

We compared children to babies. In groups we answered challenge questions such as ‘What can you do now which you could not do as a baby?’ and ‘How is your appearance different from when you were a baby’. We then presented our findings to the class.

Mrs Provart visited our science lesson with her daughter Imogen to talk about babies. As well as being Ashley’s mum, Mrs Provart is a school nurse. She answered questions and talked to us about the things babies need, what they can do and how they are cared for. Following this we discussed our findings in groups. We then wrote down the answer to our questions with the information she provided.