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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Wednesday 15th July

Reports and Books

Your child's books and reports are available outside the school this afternoon for you to collect. If some or all books are missing, they are being kept as evidence in case of an inspection next year. They will be returned to you!

The Wednesday Word

Join Mrs Armstrong-Boyle and me for the Wednesday Word via Zoom this morning at 9:45.   The details are on my blog. The 'meeting' will be recorded so if you do not wish to be seen, please turn off your camera, but sign in with your name so we can be sure who is joining in. If you wish to watch later, it will be available on the link below. 

Keller Class Quiz of the Year!

Join me at 11:15 for a live Kahoot quiz via Zoom. The details are on my blog. It will be easier if you have another device like a tablet or phone to play on, but if you only have one, look at the link below to tell you how to play using one device. If you can't get on at 11:15, I will set it as a challenge for you to complete in your own time as well. 


L.O. To solve mathematical problems

Here's a ink to another problem to solve. You can use the interactive number grid on the screen to solve the problem, or use number cards if you would prefer. Get your brains into action!


Here are Isaac and Ezra's  work presentations! Have a look at what they have done and have a go at their activities!