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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 26th March

PE: You can do PE with Joe but if you want a change, why not try learning this cheer?

Thank-you to Year 6 girls for the inspiration!

English- Writing

LO: To write a recount - diary

  • Keep a diary for the next 7 days - Thursday to Wednesday.
  • Every day, write a diary entry about your experiences. 
  • We know about the Great Fire of London and the experiences of Jewish people during World War Two, because people at the time wrote about what was happening. In the future, people will learn more about what is happening now, to us, because people are writing about it.  The text people are writing at this very moment, will be used in schools of the future, across the world. You could be one of those writers.
  1. First, use the PowerPoint to read an example of a diary and revise your diary writing features.
  2. Then, open the diary writing tips document for a handy poster to help you  remember some features that you could include.
  3. Now, you are ready to write your diary in your home learning book, or on a computer, or even in a note book you have made or have in your house - do whatever makes you most want to write!
  4. Each day, improve what you've written by using the success criteria tick list on the Easier / Harder sheets.
  5. And yes, you can include photos and pictures.
  6. And yes you can use pen.
  7. And yes you can use felt pens for drawing.
  8. And use biro for writing....
  9. ...but no not for drawing. wink


LO: To find the perimeter of compound (composite) shapes,with missing measurements

1) Watch the video on the link -as many times as you need.

2) Have a look at the Easier sheet - if it looks too easy, choose the Middle one - if that looks to easy pick the Harder one.

3) If you want further challenge, apply your understanding to solve some word problems


Answers will hopefully be posted on YouTube at the weekend...once I find a way to balance my phone on the cereal packets. 


Calculate Perimeter (Compound Shape) - Key Stage 2 Maths Help

Maths help explaining how to calculate the perimeter of a compound shape at Key Stage 2 / KS2 level. ..


LO: Learn the names for some animals, in Spanish!


LO: To read and create a simple graphic score

Use the PowerPoint or PDF to learn to play and create a graphic score.  Amaze your families with a musical extravaganza of your own creation, all from objects you have in your house!