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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


Good morning everyone. I hope that you had an enjoyable day yesterday and managed to have a little dance and sing along to 'Roar.'smiley

Another song I thought would be appropriate for us is 'Hakuna Matata' - another fabulous song from 'The Lion King.' It's title is from the Swahili language spoken in Africa and means 'no trouble' or 'no worries.'


I hope that now we know we will all be back at school together again soon, that any worries or sadness you have felt at not being with your friends are lifting away. If you have any worries about returning to school we will share and discuss them at our Zoom meeting on Friday. enlightenedheart

Here is the song as sung in the film and also a different version with the lyrics. Try and have a practice throughout the day. Where there is an instrumental section have your instruments ready too. Put some of your freestyle dance moves in too. You all have such great rhythm that I know you will be dancing along!smiley




Hakuna Matata - The Lion King (Video Clip 1994 2004 / Soundtrack 2019)


Hakuna Matata Lyrics

Practice the words and here is where it comes in the Lion King story...


As we are celebrating World Book Day a week today (Thursday 4th March), you may like to start thinking about a book character you may like to be and to start thinking about what is your favourite book. We will have our class zoom on Thursday next week to show the character we have become and to share our favourite books. We may also have a whole school zoom and will have our author zoom too! Could I say zoom one more time?laugh

Don't go to a lot of expense for a costume; for our staff shared story I am just making a mask, so seeing as you are very good at making these now you might like to do something similar? 

I am going to give you a tiny, sneaky peek at the book we are doing as a staff. See if you think you recognise it from the photo I include!

What’s the book?

I don’t know if any of you watched ‘The Masked Singer’, Mrs Tildsley and I loved guessing who everyone was! 🤩

Can YOU guess which of your friends are behind these amazing tiger masks? 


Answers at the very bottom of the page! 

Our Learning Today


  • Writing - refecting on 'Lila and the Secret of Rain' and 'The Rain on Kapiti Plain'. Which is our favourite? Let's write a book review
  • Read, Write Inc speedy sounds with Rosie - any time from 9.30am
  • Maths
  • Our afternoon learning- Religion-- I swapped Religion and Geography around this week. Geography will be tomorrow afternoon. smileyheart


Writing - What is a book review?

Introduction part 1

Still image for this video

Part 2

Still image for this video

I enclose 2 different book reviews; one for Year 1 and one for Year 2. If any Year 1 children would like to challenge themselves and do the Year 2 review sheet that is fine! smiley


Remember, you are writing about your favourite book from either...

Here are some pictures from each book to help you with the books and if you would like to listen to either or both again to help you to decide here they are via you tube ( done in less video takes than mine!)yes

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain

This is a reading of "Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain" by Verna Aardema. The music is by the Traditional Rhythm Band from Botswana, Africa.

Lila and the Secret of Rain

Pictures to help with your illustrations

I would love to see your book reviews so if you would like to send them via email or be filmed by mum or dad reading yours out I’ll be able to share them with your friends. 

Read, Write Inc Speed sounds with Rosie


Today's sounds will be...

set 2 - 

set 3 - 

longer words - ay/ a-e/ai

Our Maths Learning Today


Year 1


How did you do counting in 2's yesterday? I bet you did really well. We aren't going all the way up to 100 at the moment, we are concentrating going up to 50, but if you would like to use the number splat square to go all the way to 100 you can. Here is the square to help you. Today we are counting in 5's. See how far you can count in 5's on the number square too as a warm up!


Spr1.7.4 - Count in 5s

Your teaching video for today...

Year 2


You have been flying high on your statistics work; I have seen and heard lots of great news from your work on block graphs, pictograms and tally charts so well done! Today we move onto a new unit on shapes and their properties. To get us started we will see how well we recognise 2D and 3D shapes...


Spr2.7.1 - Recognise 2D & 3D shapes

Your teaching video for today

Our afternoon learning - Religion



A recap on our previous learning

Still image for this video
Oh my goodness; I think I have managed my first Loom after only 6 weeks!smiley Here I explain our learning today...

Behind the tiger masks are...

Evie and Jake



Rowan and Amelie