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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


Pattern matching games

Pattern barrier games.

More practical sharing activities.

Sharing apples equally between toys today!

Using the resources to create numbers to 100 in different ways.

Using our number knowledge in continuous provision.

Year 1 exploring the value of different coins.

Year 1 using different resources to represent numbers to 100.

Using dominoes to practise subtising.

A barrier game to practise our doubles.

Learning about symmetry

Using shapes to create patterns and pictures.

Using shapes to create shapes!

Problem solving using tens frames for reception.

Counting maths challenges

Using picture prompts to creat 2D shape oictutes

Year 1 addition using tens frames

We practised counting out 5. We then used our 5 frames to say one less and one more than each number up to 5. We then used the 5 frame to help us to recognise how many counters there were without counting.

Using number in our play.

Our maths rainbow challenge.

Finding and making circles and triangles.

Using the circles and triangles to create pictures.

Positional language

Addition and subtraction on a washing line!

Learning all about the number 3!

Ordering ribbons by length.