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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 16th June


Let's start with a warm up and some class novel.


Warm up! wink

How many times can you write the word 'friend' in one minute.


TABITGB Chapters 18 and 19

TABITGB Chapters 20 and 21


LO: To write a list poem


Activity 4: Try some alliteration

Let's start off today's lesson by developing some of the work you did yesterday when you made some combinations of places and abstract nouns.  Today, try some alliteration. Alliteration is when words start with the same sound, so your place and abstract noun will need to start with the same sound.

For example: The castle of curiosity; the tower of terror; the field of fear.

Make 10 of your own alliterative combinations.


Activity 5: Judging your ideas.

Look at all of the ideas you have generated over the past two days.

★Read each idea aloud to listen to the effect it has on your ear - how does it sound?

★ Which ideas would surprise a reader?

★ Which ones have you never heard before?

★ Which ones immediately conjure up an image in your mind's eye?


Now pick your top 10 combinations and highlight them ready for the next activity.

PDF of the above tasks plus ideas you could use

Activity 6: Can you judge my ideas and be the teacher?

Have a go at judging some of my ideas.

  1. Open the Padlet and 'copy' the ideas I have posted (highlight the ideas then press ctrl and c at the same time.)
  2.  Paste onto your own padlet note (press ctrl and v at the same time)
  3. Number the combinations in order from best to worst, using the number 1 for the best and 5 for the worst. 

★ Can you say why you have chosen the top one as your favourite? 

★ What is it about it that you like?

Activity 7:  Creating a simple list poem

Now, using your favourite 10 or so ideas, have a go at writing a simple list poem.  They could have a theme such as darkness, happiness, lock-down or school, or just be combinations that you really liked.  You could present your work in any way you like, using computers, your best handwriting, Word or even a video performance!  You can also decorate it!

Email your finished poems, please as I'd love to make a display at school. 

PDF of the above tasks and ideas you could use

Maths: Year 5/6

LO: To read and interpret line graphs


  • You might find using a ruler helpful, to aid following the lines on the graphs 
  • If you are reading the graphs off the screen, don't forget that you can 'zoom in' to look carefully.
  • You will need to estimate the numbers which are not labelled on the axes of the graphs - for example, if the line you are reading is between 30 and 40, but nearer the 40, it could be 46,47,48 or 49.  Look carefully and make a sensible guess.

Maths - Year 6

LO: Find pairs of values

Some more problem solving using shapes and letters to represent numbers.


  • When a number and a letter are snuggled close together, such as 2a, then this means you multiply.  It means 2 x a.         4b means 4 x b.
  • For question 2, 2a + b = 14, means..... 2 times something, add something, equals 14.  Start with the 14...what goes into 14 twice and has something left over?  There will be more than one answer.

Daily Internet Safety Lesson 2

Here are the answers to yesterday's lesson:

  1. What different things do Sam, Ellie and Alfie do online? [E.g. make videos, talk to people, learn to sing, share their songs]
  2. What problem did Alfie face at the beginning of the cartoon? [Another gamer messaged Alfie, asking to game with him. Alfie said no as he had to go to school]
  3. How did the gamer make Alfie feel? [Happy at first and then uncomfortable and worried when he started making threats]
  4. What did Alfie do when he realised something wasn’t right? [Didn’t reply. Told a trusted adult, his mum. Blocked the gamer. Reported to the website.]
  5. What happened when Selfie’s video was made public? How did it make them feel? [People they didn’t know wrote nasty or strange comments. Received links to adverts. They felt worried and uncomfortable.]


Activity 1: Alfie’s videos

  1. If needed, watch Episode 1: Block Him Right Good, Alfie again.

2)  Look at Resource Sheet 1: Alfie’s profile.   Alfie has taken some important steps to make sure that he is safe when he is making videos and posting them online.  Write down four steps Alfie has taken, either on the Resource Sheet or on paper.  Answers will be posted tomorrow.

Activity 2: Being kind online

1) What do you remember about Episode 1 of Play Like Share?

2) Who wrote a mean comment about Alfie?
3) Who ‘liked’ the comment? 
4) Why wasn’t this a kind thing to do?

5)  Explain when we write or post something online, we must always think about how we might make other people feel.

6) What positive words could Ellie, Alfie and Sam use to describe each other?

7) Using Resource Sheet 2: Being kind online, write as many positive words and phrases as you can think of next to each character, using any clues in the video to help. Or,  draw pictures of each character and add positive words to describe them.

Science: Has anyone managed a 'line' or a 'full house' yet?