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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 12th January

Good morning!  If you haven't checked the blog for today's post, please head on over there now and then come back to start your day's learning.



Let's start the day with Joe Wicks.


You might have noticed that I didn't mention the spelling tests yesterday- the page for the day was starting to look quite long, so I thought I'd wait until today.


So, first of all, test yourself on the spellings from last week by clicking on the audio link for your group. 


If you are in one of the 6 Spelling Bee groups, please click on the link below and it will take you to the Spelling Lists Page.  Please ask someone to test you and then pop your score on the Padlet.

Year 5 Week 1 Spelling Test

Year 6 Week 1 Spelling Test

Year 5-6 Week 1 - part 2 -Statutory Words

Mark your test using the 'big lists' and then add your spelling scores to the padlet below so that I can record your results. :)

This week's spelling lesson and homework activities

There is a PowerPoint to guide you through the lesson (and a PDF version if needed) as well as handwriting, a spelling activity and a word-search to do for your 'home learning homework'.


Year 5:  To create nouns (naming words( with the suffix 'ness'

Year 6 Spellings: ie or ei words


Use the video to guide you through the lesson. 

Don't forget to stop and start the video when asked, to give you time to have a go at the questions.  The video also explains how to solve similar problems. 

I have also posted the video as PowerPoint slides, but it doesn't include the voice-over.

Mark your work when you have done as many as you can and then try your improvements.

Don't forget to present your work neatly.  If you need squared paper, use the back of your Maths Homework Books. :)


Year 5:

LO: To calculate perimeter using a grid

Year 6

LO: To read and plot co-ordinates in four quadrants

Remember the Christmas Co-ordinates you did in the last week of term? If so, it will help you with today's lesson. 


Welcome to the start of a brand new unit of work!  Over the next few weeks, we will be using the author 'Charles Dickens' and some of his most famous work, as inspiration for our writing. We will be using video clips, interactive games, texts and audio clips to help us with our learning and you will be able to take part in Padlet sessions, reading,  grammar and writing activities.


Lesson 1

LO: To retrieve key events and information from a visual text

Start by watching the animation below.  You don't need a login. 

Now you have watched the video, watch it again, but this time try to answer the comprehension questions on the document.   You don't need to print this- type your answers on the Padlet.  You don't need a login for the Padlet and remember to write your name on the top.


I will be online on the Padlet from 11.15 to 12.00 so you can join me then, but if you want to write on there before or after, I will still see them and respond when I can.  :)


If you can't access the Padlet at all, feel free to write your responses on paper instead.



Good afternoon everyone :) 


Below is a PowerPoint (or PDF copy) which explains this week's science activity. Remember to send completed work to Oak Class email for me to see.


Also, if anyone has figured out Miss Johnson's 'What's the Word?' from The Weekly, please email me your answer for a Dojo!