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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well, happy and looking forward to seeing one another on our Zoom meeting at 10am this morning. The link is on my blog page. smileyheart

Have your African masks ready if you have made one. I’m just thinking that some of you may have left them at school so don’t worry you can bring them home next week and share them at our next Zoom. If you have a musical instrument... shaker, tambourine or something homemade that you could shake or tap bring it along

( pasta in a tub would work very well!) or you can just bring your hands ready to clap along! πŸŒŸπŸ’•πŸ™Œ


After my little videos I’ve put the details of the song we will sing and tap to; it’s our Aardvark song we’ve been doing from the Charanga scheme. Don’t worry if you’ve not yet practiced there’s time before our Zoom. I’ve also put an African dance on below. Try and have a go at practicing your moves with your mask on and then we will all have a go together. Some Friday African themed fun! 🌟🎼πŸͺ˜

A little prayer to start the day.

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And there’s more!!!

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Thank you so much for all of the emails yesterday; I haven’t yet replied to them all yet,  but will do so this morning. πŸ€—It fills us with joy to see the videos and pictures so thank you so much for taking the time to send them in! πŸ™
To start our day, here's a little video from Harriett. Firstly, what she has built is very impressive and secondly listen to what she says about what it reminds her of. What a lovely message!smiley

Harriett's video

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Music and Dance practice for our Zoom Meetinglaughheart


 Below is a clip of some African dancing together with some great drumming. Wake yourselves up by joining in and practicing some stepping and jumping patterns. I also love all of the arm movements. I will put this on in our Zoom so we can all have a go together! We can't wait to see your actions!

Our Charanga Zootime Aardvark Song


 Mrs Rogers sent an email a couple of weeks ago with login details to the YUMO section. I’ve done a couple of videos to show you where to go to practice the beat or pulse. This is what we will tap on our instruments or with our hands or on our knees! Take inspiration from the dancing penguins!πŸ€—πŸŽΌWe then move to practice the song with words! 🌈

Where to go on Charanga

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Charanga details continued

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You will hopefully get to see these masks on the Zoom meeting but look at these super masks. Well done Rowan, William and Joseph! Arianna has also been doing some extra research and has sent this lovely video explaining what the colours she chose for her mask represent! smileyheart

A lovely video from Arianna

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Our other learning today...


  • Read, Write Inc - speedy sound with Rosie from 9.30am
  • Literacy Writing -What sad story would you have told the sky? Or happy if you don't want to tell a sad story!smiley
  • Maths - today this will be our My Maths
  • RE - Learning about Jesus and his family
  • PE - Join Joe Wicks, PAS or have a bike ride, walk, gymnastics practice, football practice. You choose! 

Read, Write Inc Speedy sounds with Rosie from 9.30am


Today's sounds are -set 2 -ar -

                               -set 3 - oi

                              The reading longer focus is igh/ie

 Try to do the speedy sounds and spellings. Year 1's choose between set 2 and 3.

Our Literacy Task Today - Writing - What sad story might you tell the sky to make it rain? Or... in our country what happy story might you tell to stop the rain and encourage the sun to come out? You might like to do a mix of the two?smiley
Before I introduce the task, let me share a couple of videos with you! Great writing and reading Olivia and Zari. I am so impressed at the quality of your ideas but also the expression with which you are reading. My apologies for trimming down your video a little. It wouldn't send and load at its bigger size!heart

Olivia Video

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Zari video

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Introduction part 1

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Introduction part 2

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Our Maths Learning Today


Is via 'My Maths.'

Follow the link below to log in...

Year 2 - for the times tables do draw sets of tens or use a number square to count in 10's. Don't worry about the division on beat the clock, stick to multiplying!smiley

Our afternoon learning


*I will put our PE on and RE after our Zoom. I've just tried twice and it keeps crashing! I will try again in a short while!smiley

PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 29th Jan

Our Religion Learning for Today


Learning outcome; To know that Jesus belonged to a family and to think about what things he may have done with his family. 

My introduction part 1

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Part 2

Still image for this video

Introduction to where and how Jesus lived

The song that won't play can be found below...under Beech class videos 'When Jesus was a Boy...'smiley
Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!smiley