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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today we will be finding out about the intrepid explorer our class is named after in our literacy challenge! We hope you enjoy! smiley

Mrs Davies is providing us with today's 'Wonderful Wednesday Word' collective worship and today's word is 'Friendship' so please follow the link below to start your day with our 'Wonderful Wednesday Word' and enjoy! You might also like to show ways you can be a good friend to someone in your family today! smiley


Good morning 20th May

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Please complete the reading and spelling parts of the Read, Write Inc lessons. 

10am – watch live Set 2 Speed Sounds lesson. Today's sound is oo (look at a book).

10.30am - watch live Set 3 Speed Sounds lesson. Today's sound is ew (chew the stew).

Use the link to access the live Speed Sound lessons:


Hopefully you now understand the concept of a half being two equal parts, so we will move on to finding  a half of a quantity. In this lesson we will  work practically using counters to find a half using the concept of sharing equally into two parts. Ask questions such as:

How many altogether?

How many equal parts are we splitting it into to find a half?
Does this quantity represent half?
How can we check our answer.

A half of __ = __.

___ is a half of ___.

You will need some  concrete apparatus to half different amounts;maybe  use coins, counters, pasta or smarties/ sweets (if you can work with them without eating them all up!) wink

Afternoon activities

Please click on the link below to take you to the afternoon activities page.

Mystery Reader

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