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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Monday 18th January

Good morning and welcome to Week 3 of 'learning at home'. I hope you all had a good weekend and managed a well-deserved break...parents and pupils!



As it's Monday, I've popped on a link for Joe Wick's YouTube channel, but don't forget that you can join him daily at 9:00am or do any other form of exercise.

4-operations maths homework and number club

Let's get stuck in to today's learning activities, with our 4-operations/ number club homework.

  1. Mark last week's (week 14) homework;
  2. Add your score to the Padlet - don't forget to add your name in the title.
  3. Prepare this week's (week 15) homework - you can do them all now, or do the homework at another time during the week.  Answers will be published next Monday.


Spelling Test - Week 2 Spellings

Today, try making yourself a recording of your Week 2 spelling lists and then use it to test yourself.  Or, ask someone at home to read out the spellings for you.  Mark the work carefully and then add your scores to the Padlet below.


This week the Year 6 will join Year 5 in learning about perimeter and area.  There are different lessons for each year group today.  I have also posted some alternative activities for those who need it.

  1. Watch the video, stopping and starting when asked.
  2. Answer the questions when asked.
  3. Use the answer sheet to mark your work.
  4. Have a go at the True or False to see if you can apply your knowledge.
  5. Post a photo or your scores on the blog and if you don't want it approved, just say so.  :)


Maths Year 5

LO: To calculate perimeter

Maths - Year 6

LO: To calculate perimeter of rectilinear shapes

Alternative activities


Last lesson we studied three prophets and found out what message Isaiah gave. I wonder if you can remember? was the message of hope! He said that God would send his son and that everything would be okay! So, to find out what happened next and explore how 'The New Covenant' links to what Isaiah said, click on to my RE Loom lesson (Amelie doesn't interrupt me today:-) )

Prepare for Learning - Faith in Action Award | Love Never Fails | CAFOD

God's Story: The Good Samaritan

Jesus told us to love our neighbors. One time, a guy asked Jesus to explain who he meant by "neighbor." Find out who Jesus wants us to love in this parable f...



In this lesson we are going to have part 2 of learning about 1st, 2nd and 3rd persons singular of the verb 'estar' to say where someone is.  See how you get on with it!