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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 25th January 2022

Good morning.

Here are today's learning activities.


Start with 30 minutes of reading.




LO: To choose and do fractions target work

  • Today you need to choose some targets based on what we have learned about in fractions and spend some time working on them. 
  • The target work below includes activities for all levels of understanding.
  • Look through the questions titles above each activitity and if you don't understand it...choose that.
  • Write a list of the question titles you have chosen and bring it into school tomorrow.
  • Work through the activities.

What is a Fraction?

For anyone that needs to know

What are equivalent fractions?

  • This BBC Bitesize lesson includes a quiz, explanations of equivalent fractions and simplifying (year 6, this uses the same way of writing your working out, that you have done at school... you know, with the two curved arrows).  It also includes a video where you can answer questions given.
  • This lesson includes simplifying fractions which Year 6 have learned about.
  • I have also linked an online game - equivalent fractions splat



How do you simplify a fraction?

  • This lesson includes a song and an online game about simplifying fractions.
  • If you don't know what 'simplifying a fraction' means, then do the lesson about equivalent fractions first.

How do you convert improper fractions to mixed numbers?

  • This is what we were learning about yesterday.
  • I have attached a very clear video which slowly explains how to change/ convert an improper fraction to a mixed number.
  • I have also attached an online game.

Change Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers


LO: What caused World War One to break out

  • We are starting our learning about World War Two this week.
  • It is important that we know a little about World War One, before we start this work.
  • There are two choices for this lesson.
  • Let's watch a video first though.  


    How the FIRST WORLD WAR started

    Mrs Charmer's group could do option 2 and choose a selection of 'letters' to watch. They could draw images and write a couple of sentences for each letter.

    Choice 1 - Oak Academy

    • The two links below lead to Oak Academy lessons.
    • You should watch and join in with the first lesson, making notes and writing things down when asked.
    • Extension: If you want to know more about World War One you may choose to do the second lesson too.

    Choice 2 - BBC Teach A-Z videos

    • The page below has some information at the top and then a clickable A-Z of videos about the events surrounding World War One.
    • Watch the videos (they are quite short) and make a World War One dictionary. 
    • This could be a simple list of the A to Z of the words associated with them or even a proper folded book with facts, illustrations and key vocabulary!


    LO: To create a perspective drawing in the style of L.S. Lowry

    Lowry perspective drawing

    A step by step guide to an LS Lowry-inspired perspective drawing.

    Britain at Play


    Intraland -Kind Kingdom