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Week commencing Monday 13th July

We hope that you enjoy your final week of home learning before the holidays. We have lots of fun lessons for you to do including art work and singing! Have a great final week before the holidays begin! smiley


Here is a picture of a sunflower seeds packet. The packet has a lovely picture of what the seed will hopefully grow into and then on the back of the packet it gives information about how to grow a sunflower and how to care for it. It also tells you what times of the year you should plant sunflower seeds.

Today I would like you to get creative and design your own sunflower packet! There is a template to download and print or you can create this in your Home Learning book. Think carefully about your instructions of how to plant the sunflower seed. I have included a short video if you need a reminder of the steps of how to sow a sunflower seed. 

Sunflower Packet Design

How To Grow Sunflowers video with Thompson & Morgan.

Buy sunflowers here: Buy plant labels here: Sunflower (Helianthus) Russian Giant A giant among annuals. Give...


Today you have another lesson looking at the physical and human features at the seaside. Share the PowerPoint looking at different coastal areas around the United Kingdom and then complete the sheet. Once you have completed this task maybe you could create a jigsaw puzzle of your ideal seaside location. I have included a jigsaw template. To do this draw or paint your picture on the jigsaw template, cut it out and then challenge someone to complete it! I hope that you are able to get to visit the seaside this year. If you do you could share your geography knowledge with your family! 

Art Work


This will be your final opportunity to complete and to bring into school your 'Spirited Art' competition entries. The Year 1 children have completed theirs. I will share them with you this week. smiley

Camille and The Sunflowers
How are your sunflowers growing? We are going to plant Luca's in the ground today as they are growing tall and strong. One more so than the other. Have a look...yes
We have already looked at some art work by Vincent Van Gogh this year and with us growing our own sunflowers I though we would revisit him through this true story of how his sunflower painting came to be. 

Camille and the Sunflowers

This video is about Camille and the Sunflowers

Now watch this video on how to recreate his sunflowers painting yourself...You can use acrylic paint for added texture or poster or your water colours. Pay attention to the brush strokes used...smiley Do use card or cartridge paper. 

How to Paint Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh with Acrylic Paint | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 36

Hey guys! In today's Art Journal Thursday episode I'm going to show you how to paint Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers with acrylic paint step by step that is pe...

If you manage to do this don't forget to send me a photo via our class email or post it onto the blog. heart

End of term music challenge...


Mrs Rogers, myself and all of the teachers do feel very sad that we aren't ending and celebrating the end of the school year in class together. On Friday we are going to be holding a 'Share a Song' morning where we have invited the Year 1's to pick a favourite song and practice it to perform for us all. We would love you to join in from home too! So, if you would like to ask mum or dad to video you singing/ dancing to a favourite piece of music, send it to me before Friday and I will share your talent with the Year 1's, and I will also video the Year 1 performances for you to watch on Friday too. I'm hoping to encourage Mrs Tempest and Mrs Tildlsey to do a start turn too! I will be safely behind the camera!!! Or will I???wink