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Wednesday 17th June

Good morning year 1's! Happy Wednesday! Today our 'Wonderful Wednesday Word' is being celebrated by Mrs Smith on zoom. Please go to the school blog and click on 'Mrs Smith's blog' for the meeting ID. Please make sure that you log in with your child's first name and last initial , so that it will be clear who is joining the meeting, to ensure that the meeting is secure.  Please keep your microphone muted  (until it's time to sing or join in prayers), Enjoy and I hope to see you singing along! smiley

Good Morning 17th June

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Continue to learn your sounds, words and spellings by completing the following 4 Read, Write Inc. lessons:

  • Set 3 Speed Sound Lesson - today's sound you will review is 'aw'
  • Set 3 Spelling Lesson
  • Reading Red Words 2 
  • Reading Longer words - you will read Green words focusing on the sounds aw and or

Each video is only 10/15 minutes long and they are available to watch from 9.30. You can watch these anytime within 24 hours.

Animal Challenge

Follow the link below for today's animal challenge! If you would like a reminder of the types of clues you might like to do watch yesterday morning's video to see my clue!


I hope you are enjoying learning about position and movement. Today you are going to carry on learning about describing position, using mathematical vocabulary. This is a practical lesson and if we were in school we would use cubes to do this. If you don't have cubes at home I would suggest cutting up the cubes on your worksheet for today, see below.  If the worksheet is printed in black and white your first job is to colour it in matching the colours shown.  You could also maybe use coloured lego or duplo bricks or coloured blocks if you have them. 

Resource to cut up and colour if needed

Once you have got your resources made then you are ready to start the lesson! Use the PowerPoint presentation lesson 5 to make the cube structures and describe the positions. Discuss the following questions:


  • How we can describe the position of ___?
  • Where is the ___ in relation to ___?
  • Can the position be described in a different way?
  • Which colour cube is above / below / left / right?
  • The ___ cube is ___ the ___ cube.
  • The ___ cube is to the ___ of the ___ cube.
  • The ___ cube is in the middle of the ___ and ___ cube.


Its is important to use the following mathematical vocabulary:

  • below
  • above
  • left
  • right
  • in the middle


It would be good to stick the cube structures in your Home Learning book and write some sentences about each one. I think you will have fun with this lesson. smiley

Afternoon activities

Follow the link below to choose an activity to complete today!

Story time

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