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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Wednesday 27th January

The Wednesday Word

Join Mrs Armstrong-Boyle for today's Wednesday Word by following the link:

Times Tables Practise

Take some time to practise your times tables. I would love to give out dojo points on Friday for improved 192 scores! Here is the link to Hit the Button and also a game to play with someone at home if you have a printer. 

There are loads of games on the Times tables games link too. 


L.O. To recognise expanded noun phrases

Today, we will remind ourselves about noun phrases. Watch the video below which gives a really clear explanation of what a noun phrase is. Once you've done that, there is an extract from the beginning of chapter 5 to read and then hunt for noun phrases. You might have noticed that Kenneth Grahame uses a lot of description!


Expanded noun phrases.mp4

Still image for this video


L.O. To solve division problems

We will continue to put our division skills to use today. You can do one (or both) of the sheets below). In the first one, use the footsteps technique that we practised on Monday to help you to find the key words. They do get harder, so read the questions carefully. And, don't forget the last step: read the question again to make sure you have answered the question!

The second sheet is similar to the one that you did yesterday. 


L.O. To know that liquids maintain their volume.

Watch the Loom video to find out today's task. Don't forget to write your name in the comments so I can award dojo points to viewers!

There is also a copy of the powerpoint if you want to work through it at your own pace and a sheet to write on, if you want it. 

Part 1

Part 2