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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

PSHE and Values

As part of our preparation back to school, we have been exploring the philosophy of 'filling our buckets.' Watch the video below to find out more!

As part of our last week of home schooling, Oak class have read Carol McCloud's book, 'Have you Filled Your Bucket Today' and crafted their own buckets to bring into school for a class interactive display. We will be exploring how we can 'fill each others' buckets' and how and why 'bucket dipping might happen.' Friday will be own as ' Bucket Filling Fridays  

Bucket Fillers-Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?

Look at the Blue Peter Badges earned by one member of Oak Class! Being brave and 'putting yourself forward' always leads to something exciting!

Celebrating Difference 


We have been learning what racism is and designing awareness ribbons. We have thought carefully about the design, logo and message behind them.

We have been exploring how we are all different and how this can help us understand each other better. We have thought about our personalities and how this can help us figure out how we manage feelings of stress.  We created ‘individuali-trees.’ 

Have a look at some of our individuali-trees!

As our class is now called 'Oak' we started the school year by exploring the mighty Oak tree. We watched the Woodland Trust's 'Year in the Life of an Oak tree,' read poems inspired by the Oak tree and took part in a class 'Tree Scavenger Hunt' to locate and observe the mighty Oak tree in our very own school grounds. 

We came up with words and phrases that symbolise the Oak tree and discovered that as a class we have a lot in common with the mighty Oak! 

Together we discussed the challenges COVID 19 presents to us and our communities and explored, just like the Oak tree, how we have had to be strong, adaptable, provide shelter for the vulnerable. We have also had to weather the storm and continue to grow in an ever changing landscape.  

A year in the life of an oak tree | Woodland Trust

The Mighty Oak