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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday 25th March 2020 - Day 3


Start the day with Joe Wicks and his daily PE lesson - can you manage it everyday this week?  Look at the Daily Routines page for the link to his YouTube Video 


LO: To read and understand diary extracts and identify vocabulary and grammar used

1) Click on the link below, to the BBC website and read the information about why diary writing is so important. The image is interactive, so click on it to find out more. Then, watch the video.

2) Read the text and answer the comprehension questions.

3) Complete the dictionary work to extend your vocabulary

4)  Complete the synonyms and antonyms activity (if you missed Tuesday's work on this, I suggest you go back and do it first)

5)  A further task on punctuation for Year 6, but don't let that stop you, year 5s!

All of this will support you with your nature diary and also will support the writing project I'm introducing on Thursday!


LO: To explore the basic controls of the music editing programme Audacity.

1) Ask your parents for support to download Audacity. It's free and available in a range of formats.  I have attached the link.

2) Open the PowerPoint or PDF to learn about music editing and the basic controls of Audacity.  Spend as long as you like messing around with it, but there is a task on the PPT / PDF.

If we were at school, we would be learning to use this software to create Podcasts, so I hope you can get it installed.


LO: To learn how to draw a bird

I've kept it simple, to support your nature diary work and because it's a bonus activity rather than part of what I'd planned.  Open the PDF and follow the instructions!

Mindfulness for Children : What does being present mean?

Next Week: 

If you can get the following items for art next week, you'll get more out of the lesson: masking tape or art tape, thin as possible paint brush, watercolours, 2 pots of water, some kitchen roll for dabbing!