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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 4th June

Good morning everyone!smiley I hope all is going well for you this week. Don't worry if it isn't. I'm having a week when a few things aren't going quite right, but we can only do our best. Do what you can and keep smiling!


 Your learning today


Our literacy work is on our 'Everybody week 8' page; just click on the link below, your maths work is on this page just below! Our curriculum topic work, for the afternoons, is on our 'Topic page' if you have the time. I also include the link below. 




Today you are going to carry on learning about quarters. It is a practical lesson and you will need some counters so please use whatever you have a lot of whether it's lego, buttons or sweets! Work through the PowerPoint presentation lesson 3 and use your counters to share equally into four parts. Discuss the following questions:


How many altogether?

How many equal parts are we splitting it into to find a quarter?
Does this quantity represent a quarter?
How can we check our answer?

A quarter of __ = __.

___ is a quarter of ___.


Then complete the practical activity by using counters to find a quarter of a quantity. The lesson is all about sharing quantities into four equal parts. It's fine if you find it easier to do this by halving and then halving again.

Our afternoon topic work link...