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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 16th Friday

TABITGB Chapter 47


LO: To write your own wishing story

Today you will finish writing your own wishing story.


The suggested schedule for the writing was as follows::
  • Mon: Main characters in a safe, homely setting: one dreaming of a fortune or change.  
  • Tues: An object arrives with a ‘too good to be true’ promise or wish.  One character warns against, but the other character ignores the warning and makes a wish. Nothing happens. Yet!
  • Wed: Wish comes true but with unforeseen consequences. (This is the biggest section of your story)
  • Thurs: Character wants to use another wish to put things right, but the object has disappeared.


   3. Try to

  • Use the outside / inside opening to create an atmosphere or mood and have the weather hint at the terrible events that are coming;
  • Use words carefully to build up the picture you want to create of how the characters feel, what they do and what happens;
  • Use speech to show how the characters are opposite through what they say and what they do and feel as they speak.


  4.  Improve your draft as you go along, reading each section aloud, making 

       punctuation, spelling, grammar, word and paragraph edits.


   5.  Now, write your last section and edit it.

Publishing your story

Once your story is complete, you might like to make it into a book with illustrations, front cover and blurb on the back.


Here are some instructions for making a mini book.

Silent Video - Making a mini-book


LO: To use read and interpret timetables

This is Year 5 lesson, but Year 6 are welcome to also do this work at home.  There are no separate Year 6 maths lessons this week.


Use the video to help you understand what to do and then have a go at the questions on the sheet, before marking your work.  Remember, they usually get harder as you work through them so do as many as you are able.  If I have found any supporting videos or games, then these have also been linked.

Seven Wonders Mini-Project

The Seven Wonders of the Modern (man-made) world


7 Wonders of the Modern (man-made) World

  • Now you have found out about the last group of wonders, what 7 natural or man-made wonders would be in your ultimate top 7 and why?
  • Maybe you could film a news report about your new list, or create a world-map showing their locations. 
  • Maybe you could make models of them or draw pictures? 
  • Maybe you have even been to one of the places you will choose? 
  • Is there a place you think should be on the list that hasn't been included?