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Good morning Beech families,


Welcome back to the start of a new half term. We hope you have all had a restful break and that you are ready for lots of new learning!

This is our learning for today:

  • Spellings
  • Speed Sounds
  • Reading
  • Maths
  • Science
Don't forget to do some physical exercise too throughout the day. Try and get outside and get some fresh air with your family if you can. You may also enjoy using some of these videos. 

We had a lovely surprise on Wednesday when we received a beautiful video from Olivia, where she had filmed her own Wednesday Word. We thought that this was just too lovely to keep to ourselves and so here it is to share with you...thank you Olivia for being happy to share this with all of your friends! smileyheart

If anyone else would like to film a short prayer, poem or reflection do send them to us!

Olivia's Wednesday Word... on a Monday!

Still image for this video


If you are on track with your spellings, then Year 1 children should be tested on stage 33 and Year 2 children be tested on stage 44 today. That means that today, Year 1 new spellings are Stage 34 and Year 2 Spellings are stage 45If you are a little behind, don't worry. Just continue where you left off before half term. 

Speed Sounds

Today the Set 2 sound is 'oo' and the Set 3 sound is 'oa'. Please watch the following short videos:

  • Speed Sound lesson
  • Spellings
  • Reading Longer Words (for those learning Set 3 sounds only)
  • Hold a Sentence 

Please remember that reading and spelling words using the sound for the day is the priority, and that the other videos are there for you to to use if you have the time and want to do a little extra. 


We have some new books to read on the Oxford Owl website which is exciting! The Year 1 book this week is called 'A House for a Mouse' and the Year 2 book is called 'Tricking a Dragon'. Read the sounds, Green words and Red words at the beginning of the book before reading for the first time. 


Reading books this week

Please remember to read other books from the Oxford Owl website throughout the week, matched to your child's reading level. If you are unsure of what level to use, look at your child's current reading book (the stage can be found on the back of the book) or please ask. 

Our Maths Learning Today


Year 1


Today we continue with our learning with numbers up to 50. You will be asked to demonstrate your understanding of less than, greater than and equal to through various statements and questions. 


Here is your teaching video for today...

Spr1.6.4 - Compare numbers within 50

This is "Spr1.6.4 - Compare numbers within 50" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

And your worksheet to demonstrate your understanding

Year 2


Today you will see two teaching videos. The first introduces you to drawing and understanding pictograms where the value of each picture or symbol on a chart is more than one. It could be 2,5 or 10. See if you can use this video to help complete the charts as you go along. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil. 

Spr2.6.1 - Draw Pictograms (2, 5 & 10) Activity

This is "Spr2.6.1 - Draw Pictograms (2, 5 & 10) Activity" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Now you will look at pictograms where the value of each picture or symbol is more than 1. This time each picture or symbol will be 2, 5 or 10.smiley

Spr2.6.2 - Draw Pictograms (2, 5 & 10)

This is "Spr2.6.2 - Draw Pictograms (2, 5 & 10)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Your worksheet for today. Look carefully to see how many each picture or symbol should represent...


Today we are continuing to find out about habitats, before we start our new learning I thought you may enjoy a quiz to think back about what we have learnt so far! Some of these questions you will know the answers to and others will make you think! smiley

In our lesson today we are going to start a Shoebox Habitat project which we will be completing over the next few weeks. You are going to think of a habitat which you would like to make, and then create it in a shoebox! Start by sharing the PowerPoint to get some ideas. I wonder which habitat you will choose, will it be the ocean, polar regions, savannah or the jungle? Our lesson today is to choose a habitat and find more about it before completing a planning sheet. There are some fact sheets to give you some ideas of what to include in your habitat. Unfortunately there isn't one for savannahs/grassland which I thought many of you would want to do, so I've included a link to a website with lots of information to help you. Have fun planning your shoebox habitat. Your final task, before finishing your lesson today, is to find a shoebox or another suitable box ready for next weeks' lesson!