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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 2nd July

TABITGB Chapter 33

Times Like These lyrics Video

Year 6, please use this video to help you learn this song for a music video for 'Leavers.'


LO:  To use a varied vocabulary and respond to a text

If you didn't read the story yesterday, go back to yesterday's lesson and read the story about Sarah and her Golden Wishes Lottery Ticket.


Today we are going to think further about our vocabulary, in particular, synonyms and antonyms. Think back to what we were learning about several months ago when we learned about synonyms and antonyms.


1)  Open the document and think of words which are synonyms (the same) and antonyms (opposites) to the ones written on the sheet. You could use a thesaurus to help you if you have one.  Try to think of 6 or more words for each.


2)  Now, try to order the words in the synonyms lists.  For example, 'seething' means angry.  Some synonyms for  'seething' are 'irate', 'cross', 'livid' and 'furious'.  I have listed them in order of 'angriness' as 'irate' is less angry than 'furious'.  We call these words 'shades of meaning'.


3) Use some of the favourite words from either of your lists in some sentences, eg:

-Sarah's seething resentment finally reached boiling point.

-Rose's dad was livid after she broke his favourite mug.

Choose at least 10 of the words from your lists.


4) Finally, re-read the story and think about what you liked, disliked, what you'd like to know and what the story reminded you of.  You can write this on the sheet or in your books.


Maths Year 5

LO: To calculate angles around a point.

Yes, you read this correctly, today this activity is just for Year 5, as Year 6 covered this a few months ago.  Today you will need to remember how many degrees there are in a full turn (360 degrees).  The aim of the lesson, is to use your calculation skills to find missing angles.  For example, if you know that part of a 360 degree angle is 60, how many degrees is the rest? (360 - 60 = 300)


Watch the video and have a go at questions 1,2,3 and 4.

If you want a further challenge, do questions 5 to 8.

Maths Year 6

LO: To reflect shapes across an axis

If you didn't do Wednesday's maths lesson about translations, then go back and do that first.


Today we will continue to work on a 4 axis coordinate grid, reflecting shapes across the axis lines and also translating some of the shapes too.

Watch the video and then have a go at questions 1 to 4.

For an extra challenge, try questions 5 and 6 too.

There is a game link also, which might help you if you need a bit of practise.


LO: To be able to talk about your family and pets in Spanish

In this lesson you will recap your previous learning and then move on to talking about your family and pets.

1) Quiz

2) Video - learning recap (alphabet, numbers, important questions to introduce yourself, months of the year, birthdays, how we are feeling, our town) and talking about our families and pets.

3) Activity 1: Draw a picture of your family and label them in Spanish.

4) Activity 2: Write a sentence about any pets you live with