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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


Local History

The children have learnt about the local history of Poynton. The discovered that Poynton used to be a mining village. We looked at old pictures to see how things have changed. They also found out about what life was like living in Macclesfield. We visited the Silk Museum to learn about the local history. The children dressed up and pretended to work in the mill. They also made rag rugs. It was a wonderful day stepping back in time!

King Charles III Coronation

We have learnt what a coronation is and identified the key features of this historical event. We also enjoyed completing art work as part of the King's coronation. We also found out about the life of King Charles III and created timelines. 

Remembrance Day

We learnt about the events of the past and why we remember this special day. The children then created poppy art work and reflected on what they had to be thankful for.



Games in the Past

We have learnt about toys, schooling and games from our grandparents era.


We wrote questionnaires which we shared with our grandparents and read non-fiction books about the past. We also used the internet and watched videos to learn about what life was like for our grandparents when they were children. 

Playing playground games which our grandparents would have played