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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Topic lessons for the week

We are very excited this week as we are starting our new topic 'On Safari in Kenya!' We will be finding out about the continent of African and the country of Kenya in Geography, learning about animals in Science and also doing some African art and music work. 

As a introduction to our new topic you may enjoy watching some of the Go Jetters videos about this very interesting continent!


Our Science unit of work this term is called 'Wild and Wonderful Animals!'. Our first lesson is learning the different types of animals; fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, insects and birds. To start with watch the short videos about the different types of animals.

After watching the 6 short videos about mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and insects/minibeasts you may also like to share the PowerPoint to discuss what you have learnt. 

Once you have learnt about the types of animals complete the worksheet by grouping the animals into the categories. Choose the worksheet of difficulty which you think is best. 


As an extra challenge why not sort your own toy animals into categories. Create labels for the different types and write some things which you know about each category. Here is one of my groups. What are they all?


Every half term in school we complete tasks focusing on online safety. This term Year 1 children have a lesson focusing on safe image searching. Year 2 children have a lesson about using keywords when doing online searches. The lesson plans and resources and available to download. Please prioritise this learning this week as we recognise the importance of children learning about keeping safe online. 


Please note that there are three different sheets of different ability to choose from. Select the sheet which you think is most appropriate to complete. 
As we are learning about Kenya this half term, I thought you may like to do your internet search on this interesting country. Use the sheet to help you find out about the country. 

Year 2 worksheet - All About Kenya


It's the start of a new year and also the start of learning from home. Our unit of work this half term is about 'dreams and goals'. As it's the start of the new year I thought you may enjoy making your New Year Wishing Wand! Whilst you are making your wishing wand I would like you to think about 2 or 3 things you would like to achieve this year and write them around your wand, remember you can write on both sides of the wand. It would be good if you could include:

  • A wish of what you would like to achieve in 2021.
  • A wish of what you would like to achieve whilst learning from home.
  • 1 more wish of your choice - maybe something you would like to achieve from a club or lessons you attend out of school such as swimming or football. 

Here are some pictures to help you make your wishing wand, they are just ideas. Use whatever you have at home and be creative!



This week you have the opportunity to listen to some African drumming and watch some African dancing. Watch and listen to the short film. Why not join in with the music by tapping along or you could use the music and do some dancing yourself! Have fun and be creative by responding to the music!


It is important that you have plenty of exercise so do this as a family in whatever way you prefer, whether it's going for a walk or riding your bike. Remember you can join in with PE with Joe every Monday, Wednesday and Friday too.


You may also enjoy doing some Yoga. 

You may find this beneficial each day. It's two short videos uploaded daily with '5 minutes of fitness' and '5 minutes of skills' provided free by PAS (Peak Active Sport). This could be used for giving your child a short break between lessons.