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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


Some of Year 6 have been learning about percentages and also their relationship with decimals and fractions

Some of us are making sure we have a really good understanding of fractions and how to calculate with them.

We are making sure we can use really useful strategies for multiplying and dividing.

Year Six have been working on their Problem Solving skills. We used bar modelling effectively to help visualise the problems.

We have been learning how work out the size of angles without using a protractor! We needed to remember that there are 360 degrees in a full turn, 180 degrees in a half turn and 90 degrees in a right angle.

We have been learning to calculate with decimals - we had to remember the value of each of the columns and how to use column addition and subtraction. The tricky part is remembering to line up our decimal point!

We have been learning about how to work out the area and perimeter of 2D shapes, in maths. Here is some of the work we sent in.

We used what we have learned about column addition and subtraction to create sets of follow-me cards.

This week we have been working with negative numbers. We played games with number lines, follow me cards and solved real-life problems

We have been learning about Roman Numerals in Brunel Class. We had to order numerals and the Year Six solved calculation problems, while Year Five pretended to be Indiana Jones, hunting and translating Roman Numerals in the hall and completing an information sheet.