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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Monday 28th November

Marking 4-operations Homework

  1. Use the answers below to mark your maths homework.
  2. Write your score out of 8.
  3. Give in scores.

Spelling Tests

  1. Read each of the words once.
  2. Then, immediately read the word in a sentence so that they know which word (some are homophones) that you mean.
  3. Repeat the word.
  4. Children may raise their hand if words need repeating or slowing down.
  5. Words can be read as many times as needed.
  6. Wait until all children have written their word until the next word is said.
  7. Children have been marking their partners' first 10 words and own second 10 words.
  8. Each letter said slowly, children have to listen and spot each letter as they are read.
  9. They can make queries and discuss 'marking quality assurance' after with an adult.
  10. Collect in scores.


LO: To understand cube numbers


Prepare for learning

  1. Use cubes to show that 4, then 9, then 16 are SQUARE numbers.
  2. Can you turn your 2x2 square into a 2x2x2 cube?
  3. How many cubes altogether?
  4. Make sure you understand: 
  • 2x2x2 = ?     
  • 2 cubed is ?     
  • 2= ?   
  • ?  is a cube number


Present New Information

  1. Can you turn your 3x3 square into a 3x3x3 cube?
  2. How many cubes altogether?
  3. Make sure you understand: 
  • 3x3x3 = ?     
  • 3 cubed is ?     
  • 3= ?   
  • ?  is a cube number


  1. Can you turn your 4x4 square into a 4x4x4 cube?
  2. How many cubes altogether?
  3. Make sure you understand: 
  • 4x4x4 = ?     
  • 4 cubed is ?     
  • 43 = ?   
  • ?  is a cube number



  1. If you had made a cube 5x5x5, how many cubes altogether?
  2. How could you work this out without cubes? Spend some time thinking about:
  • 5x5x5 = ?     
  • 5 cubed is ?     
  • 53 = ?   
  • ?  is a cube number



  1. Questions on the sheet - can do on sheets but only if they are trimmed to fit the page. 



  • Mark work together and self evaluation


Find the questions you answered on the sheets below. Use the questions numbers to help you find them.

Games to support, revise and practise square and cube numbers


Play Rehearsals