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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Friday 4th April

Good morning everyone! Haven't we been very lucky to have such lovely weather this week? smileyI hope you have been enjoying the sunshine and playing in your gardens or enjoying your exercise each day.Thank you for your blogging posts and emails; Mrs Rogers and I love to see the fruits of your hard work. For the next couple of weeks I am going to be putting new raffle tickets in my 'hat' for the chance to win my Mr Benn figure. He is quite rare as they stopped making them a long time ago. So, when I see your Mr Benn stories your name will go into the draw and I'll be awarding bonus tickets for other wonderful things I see. 

All of our tasks are on here today. Our jobs are as follows;


  • Completing our resurrection cross
  • Writing about our cross and what it symbolises
  • A little preparation for the week ahead
  • My Maths Homework
  • A quiz of the week
  • Some well being time

I thought the I would put our blob tree on our page today so we can share with one another how we are feeling. You might like to show a member of your family which 'blob' character you most feel like today and ask them which they most feel like.

In today's collective worship video we will offer how we are feeling

... Anything we are thankful for, any worries we have, however we are feeling.

Click on the link below and you will find the video filmed last night in my garden! 

Follow the video link to the Galileo image below

You might like to brighten the day for those around you by singing one of our favourite Galileo choir worship songs!heart

A Message from Mrs Price-Uden


Eben had very kindly emquired about how Mrs Price-Uden is doing. I have been in touch with her every week; we make sure we are both behaving ourselves!surprise She sent you all this message...mail


What a lovely thought to ask about me Eben. It has made me smile as I think about you and Galileo all the time. I love chatting to Mrs Davies to get all her news about you. I am working hard with lots of wonderful nurses visiting people at their homes to try and help them to feel well again. I look a bit funny in my mask and goggles!cool As I drive to work I see lots of wonderful rainbows in people's windows in Poynton which make me smile and think about you all. Hopefully I can come on the next Galileo trip once we get back to normal. I hope that you are doing lots of wonderful things at home. I loved Mrs Davies' Easter card video.

Lots of love,

Mrs Price-Uden


I hope that has made you all smile!


Anyway, I'd best move onto our jobs today...


Completing our crosses


If your cross needs  painting or outlining in a fine black pen, do this before we move onto writing about it. If you would like to add any decorative collage material or highlight parts with 3d pens or glitter glue then do. I can't believe I have run out of my sparkly bits. I've had to order some for Luca from Amazon!!!

I would love to see any photographs of your crosses. If we were in school I would be putting them on display.

Writing about my cross

We will write our about our cross on this paper from our pack. If you need extra paper just stick this into your green book at continue in your green book.

We are going to write about what we have chosen to illustrate on our cross but I am looking for you to reveal the meaning behind any pictures or symbols you have chosen. 

Year 1 let us use this as an opportunity to also practice your handwriting; using those 'get ready lines' and to join 2 ideas together with 'and'.

Year 2, I will be looking for you to explain and join your ideas together by using conjunctions such as 'because, so, if and when.' We will also try to vary our sentence openers.


Below is an example of what I might write about the wooden cross I am 'pretending' I have made!wink

Hopefully from this you will see that I looking for you to reveal your knowledge of the Easter story and of some of the signs and symbols we see in Religious art work. Use my ideas and vocabulary to help you and below are a few scaffolding ideas on how you might start your sentences...

Scaffolding ideas or sentence starting ideas

Our art work preparation for next week


Our art work this week has been creating our crosses. Next week we will be using our balloons to make a papier mache hot air balloon. In preparation for this, you will need a newspaper, PVA glue or cornflower and a little plastic or paper disposable bowl for the basket. You may be able to pick these up during a shopping trip or order. For anyone who struggles to do this I will arrange for these to be available from outside school next week. I will advise you of the day next week. 

Maths Work


 Today this is our 'my maths' homework. This will be set for year 1 and 2. If anyone has lost theit log in details, just email and I will send a reminder.



Afternoon well being activities


  • A Friday afternoon is usually our outdoor PE lesson. So this afternoon you may like to take advantage of the lovely weather and do some outdoor exercise, bike riding, trampolining, football practice etc...


  • If there are any activities this week that you haven't quite managed to complete you may like to use some time to do this.


Mrs Malam had told me that Olivia had prepared her own collective worship prayer for her family. If you would like to do this and maybe share a prayer, song or thoughts with your friends, perhaps mum or dad could video you and I will put it onto our class page to share with your friends. 


  • You might like to log on to espresso and catch up on 'News Bites'.

    click 'login' and select 'espresso'

    enter username 'student 6922', then password 'pauls321'

  • You will need to watch this as  I am going to post a quiz shortly on here. It will be based on our learning this week or on events in the news this week. Blog your answers to me or you can email.
  • There will be a Mr Benn model raffle ticket for every quiz entry that gets at least 7 out of 10!


Good luck, enjoy your activities today and have a wonderful day.yes


Quiz questions. You could type your questions onto this and email it to