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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero


Good  morning everyone; I hope you are all well and are settling into our new home learning routine. I have to say that seeing your work over the past couple of days has made us so happy and proud of you all. Well done!smiley


To start our day I thought I would share a few of the pictures you have so beautifully drawn and coloured. 



The first is by Alanna. Well done Alanna and thank you for sharing this with your friends.You chose beautiful words too.

Our second picture is by Zari using her new watercolour pencils. A wonderful piece of work Zari!

Our third piece today is by Xavier. By cutting this out you made it look very effective Xavier. Well done!

Let us pray together as we start our day and sing our 'Hail Mary' prayer. You will have warmed your voices up yesterday!surpriseheart

Hail Mary || Signing Video

Hail Mary by Mike Stanley

Our learning opportunities today...


  •   RE/ writing
  • Speed sounds with Rosie
  • Maths
  • History

Don't forget to keep up with your reading; if you have finished your reading books there are e books to read on the Oxford Owls page.

Our Writing Activity Today - explaining our Christmas Collage


My explanation part 1

Still image for this video

My explanation part 2

Still image for this video

Here are photos of your work to remind you of what you drew. Just slide across to see them all. If you can’t see yours just use the full picture scene to pick your three characters.We will complete any unfinished ones on our return to school, don’t worry.

Our Christmas Collage explained worksheet

Speed Sounds with Rosie - new sounds available from 9.30am Follow the link below


 Today the sounds for set 2 will be igh and set 3 will be a-e.

Do watch both of the videos for set 2 or 3 for the speed sounds and spelling. If you would like an extra challenge, the longer word challenge will look at ay/a-e/ai


Our Maths Learning Today


Year 1


Today you will be comparing sets of numbers and labelling which are greater than and which are less than. The questions do get trickier as you go through the sheet, so don't worry if you find question 4 more challenging. 

Watch the video and be ready with your worksheet or a pencil and paper / writing board to join in. smiley



Year 1 worksheet - Compare groups of objects

Year 2


Today you are looking at comparing two different amounts of money to find the difference between them. This can be quite tricky because you are doing a few different operations. The questions go up to 7 today which are quite challenging. I think most of you should be able to do up to question 4. If you are up for the challenge, try beyond this. Don't worry if you find them tricky; they are!smiley

Year 2 worksheet - Find the difference

Our Afternoon Activity - The History of Toys


Before Christmas we were learning about toys and how they have changed within the living memory of our parents and grandparents. 

Today we will put our knowledge into practice and see if we can identify old and new toys and then use words to describe them. 

We will then illustrate and describe one of our favourite toys brought by Father Christmas and we will compare this with the kind of toys our grandparents would have unwrapped on Christmas day as a child. laugh



Can you identify which toys are old and which are new on each of the slides below. Then use the last slide to help you describe each of the toys you see.

Now using my sheets below, or your own paper, choose one of your favourite toys you received for Christmas and draw and colour it. Make it look fabulous! Then using the adjectives from the final slide; write words around it which describe it. How it looks, feels and even what it does. 


Then, if you are able to 'interview' a grandparent via a phone call, facetime or message ask them if they can remember a favourite Christmas present they received as a child. Can they remember what it was made from? What words would they use to describe it? You might need to google the toy if you aren't sure what it would have looked like so you can then draw this toy too. Again use the final slide on the powerpoint above to help you to describe the toy.


Do you remember me sharing with you the gird and cleek my dad said he used to run around the streets of Scotland with? 


And Mrs Downes explaining about her doll which had a pot face and needed to go to the doll hospital to be repaired when it broke?


Hopefully this will show us how toys have changed and how the materials they were made from have changed to. I would love to see your pictures of your Christmas toys and your illustrations of the kind of toys your grandparents would have had. I think they would love to hear from you too! Good luck on this mission!smiley You may need more time than just this afternoon to get in touch with a grandparent so don't worry. Speak to them when you can!

Worksheet to record one of your favourite Christmas toys

Worksheet to record my grandparent's favourite Chritsmas toy.

Gird and Cleek

I just found this to show you my dad's favourite gird and cleek. I think I will have to try and find one to try at school!!!

The words from the final slide to help you.