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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Everybody Week 1

Happy Friday Everyone!


Well done for working your way through the week. It has been different and we have greatly missed seeing you, but together we will get through this home working time and will be reunited again very soon.

We need to say a big thank you and well done to your mums and dads who I know will have been working very hard to help and support you. smileyThey may need a lie in and some quiet time this weekend!


Last night the country joined together to clap and say thank you to all the staff from our hospitals who are working very hard to look after anyone who is poorly. So, for our shared prayer this morning I thought it would be nice to sing together the sung 'Hail Mary'. Mary looked after Jesus and so we ask her to pray and to be with us now. 



Watch out Mrs Danton and Mrs Ricketts. Here is my second video (with my voice anyway)... it may not be long before I am brave enough to sit in front of the camera as they have each morning this This is just to help you with the blogging pages, just in case you have struggled to log on.

How to log onto the Blog

Still image for this video

Our Mr Benn stories


 I was super impressed with the introductions I read to your Mr Benn stories; it was like David Mckee had started to write more books! Today we will move on to the middle part of our stories using our story boards.


Year 1 This will mean you writing about what happens in boxes 3, 4 and 5 (or 4, 6 and 7 ) as is incorrectly numbered on your grid, as shown below.

Year 1's (and 2's if it helps) say your sentence out loud first before you write it. Use the tools below to help as well as your story plan.

I am looking for

  • Clear sentences starting with a capital letter and ending with a full stop.
  • Join your ideas together using 'and, or, but or so' to make your sentences longer and more interesting.
  • Use adjectives to describe what Mr Benn sees on walking through the changing room door and to describe the people he is there to help.
  • use the correct 'ed' ending for past tense words.
  • Vary the start of your sentences by using the 'Sentence openers' ideas below.
  • Try to use get ready lines for your handwriting.
Year 2's..... Please take note of the year 1 points above. You will be writing about the story from your picture plan from boxes 4 to 8 (unless Mr Benn has already gone through the door! Then start on box 5.

 These sheets in your pack will help you

  • to spell common words correctly
  • To vary your sentence opening words using 'Sentence openers' or the 'Time Connectives Map'.
  • Use the adjectives lists to make effective word choices. 
  • Extend and give reasons for Mr Benn's or other character's actions by using words such as 'because, that, when, if...'
  • Use commas in a list
  • Use an apostrophe when you are describing something that belongs to someone. For example Mr Benn's hat blew off...
  • Finally, keep proof reading your work to check it makes sense. Make any changes or additions you need to make.

I'd love to see how your stories are coming on via our blog or email. You could even ask someone to video you reading it out loud?smileyyes


Our Palm Sunday Triptychs


 If you didn't have chance to read the Palm Sunday story I put on this page yesterday you will probably want to so you are filled with ideas for your triptych art work. I also included the link to a video of the story. Your job is to illustrate in your right hand triptych window a scene from the Palm Sunday story, then to write words around the frame that link in to the story, such as Jesus, donkey, palms, happiness, Hosanna, jealousy. Because it is only a small window and I know what amazing artists you are, watch my video below and you can paint a second scene from Palm Sunday on the back of the window! Below I am posting some art images you may like to copy or take inspiration from! Use your water colours to make it look beautiful. When your image dries you may want to outline any images in a fine black pen. 


Still image for this video

Below are many different artists interpretations of the same event! If you would like to search for more please do. I find it best to google 'modern art images of ...(in this case) Palm Sunday. I wonder which of the images below you like the best? One is Ethiopian and the very bold serious looking one is another African one. Blog your favourite or any more images you would like to share. 

Spreading some Rainbow Happiness and Kindness



For our afternoon activity I was inspired by reading about children who are spreading kindness and happiness by making rainbows with messages of thanks and encouragement. Some are putting the, in their windows to thank for example, post men and delivery workers and others are making messages of encouragement to post through perhaps elderly neighbours doors to cheer the up.

I wonder if we could make some rainbows to cheer and encourage others. 


Use your cartridge/ art paper or any paper you may have at home. If you do make one please send me a photo so we can share our messages with the other children at school and all the adults who work at St. Paul's too. We can do this Galileo! Use paints or any other art materials you have available.


Don't forget our other kindness ideas in our pack. You might like to make and decorate you box of kindness?


Enjoy your day and I can't wait to hear all about it. 

Thursday 26th March


Good morning everyone! I've not been as brave as Mrs Danton with her videos... she could be a Blue Peter presenter! But I've recorded the following video so we can say our morning prayer together.


Still image for this video

Today we are going to start writing our Mr Benn stories. Hopefully we all have our title page and storyboard plans ready. I am very excited to hear all of these new Mr Benn adventures. It is your chance to become the author of the stories, David McKee. On your year group page I will post more information on what I hope to see in your stories.


After writing our story introductionI thought it would be a good idea to let you enjoy this lovely weather by taking your learning outdoors. It will have been an unusual week getting used to our home learning routine and I am sure your parents have been very busy helping you and possibly also having to do their work from home too. So hopefully these activities will enable you to be quite independent and will give you the opportunity to be out in your gardens.






Here's where Luca will be working when hid dad has cut the grass! 😉

Maths and PE come together


Hopefully you will have had chance to join Joe Wicks doing his morning exercise sessions. If you are unable to go out into a garden make sure you catch up on his you tube channel. 

If you are able to go out into your garden my challenge is to create an outdoor obstacle or exercise course. You may have items such as balls, hoops, skipping ropes, swings, trampoline etc... So in your working from home book design an exercise routine or pattern that you can follow. For example, bounce a ball 5 times, hoola hoop 10 times, do 20 jumps on the trampoline and repeat. Keep a tally chart of how many times you can repeat your routine throughout the day. 

When you have exhausted yourself, year 1's have a go at making a 2D animal picture as suggested in activity number 11 in your maths activity book and year 2's use any 3D shapes you have (bricks, Lego or magnetic shape building sets to make a model). As suggested on number 10 of your activity book.

Take a photo

I would love to see photos of your models and of your exercise course. Please add them onto our class blogging page or email them to our Galileo email page. I will then start a home learning page on our class page so we can all admire one anothers. 

I will post a video a little later on how to use the blogging page and upload photos as you may be finding it a little tricky.

Take your reading into the garden


 Why not take your school reading book or a favourite book outdoors and read in the sunshine?  Also, here is a link to the World Book Day website where author Julian Clary reads chapter 1 of his book 'The Bolds'.



Palm Sunday


This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday and marks the start of Holy Week. Before we create our first triptych window we will today read the story which is entitled, 'The Great Parade' in our class Bible and I include a short video of it too. Please read and watch the clip.

Your afternoon task should hopefully be a fun and creative one. 

Can you use any play characters, Lego figures etc... To create a small scene in your garden that represents what happened on Palm Sunday? This could be on a piece of paper, small blanket to the grass. You might create a little pathway out of stones and use leaves to make a Palm collage or give your little characters leaves to wave at Jesus. It could be as simple as making the words Palm Sunday on paper out of grass or leaves. Be creative and if possible send me a picture of what you have achieved. 

Palm Sunday story


Good morning everyone. I hope you are enjoying your learning from home. It's all very different isn't it? I am missing you all very much but know that our prayers and hearts will come together through...



Our Wednedsay Word, which is... when we feel love and kindness towards others and when they need our help we are happy to give it. When they are sad and suffering we understand their pain and sorrow. 

God sent his son Jesus to show compassion and love to everyone. 

 Through the miracles and stories we have read recently we have heard how Jesus brought food to those in need, healed the sick and brought people together to follow him because they could see in him a heart filled with love.


God is filled with compassion and love for us. He is with us in all we do; especially in times of worry. 

Offer a prayer of thanks for those people who show you compassion and offer a prayer for anyone you know who you would especially like to feel God's compassion surround them with a sense of peace. 


And let us remember that God is always with us, showing compassion, and that he wants his love to flow through us to help others too. 


You may like to sing along to a song we know...







25.3.20 continued...


Our learning today will be put onto our year group page, but as a guide today we will be focusing on;


  • Literacy - Our Mr Benn story plan, common exception word work and handwriting
  • Maths 
  • Joining with Pope Francis to pray the 'Our Father' at 12 o'clock
  • Science

This is a lovely sung version of the 'Our Father' you may like to sing it or just say it, but it would be wonderful if we could join in prayer for all those affected with the virus across the world. 



A Message to you all

Hello to our super Galileo class. This is going to seem quite an unusual few weeks, but we will work through it together. Each day Mrs Rogers and Mrs Davies will add work for you onto our class pages. Try your best to have a go at them, but we completely understand that this will not be the same as being in school all day. Mums and dads may be working from home and you may have brothers and sisters who also need help and looking after.

So, look at the work and do what you are able to. Some tasks will be more independent than others.


Something you may like to try are the PE sessions a man called Joe

Wicks is putting for free on his you tube channel especially for children from 9.00 to 9.30 each morning. I think Mrs Rogers and I will be doing it to start our day off with some exercise. Here is his link...