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Tuesday 14th July

Good morning to all the Galileo boys, girls and parents,


We hope that you have had a good start to the final week of the school year. This afternoon Mrs Davies and I will be drawing the raffle for this term's Bob and Dougal prizes. smiley We will add a video so you can find out whether you have won! Well done to you all for your hard work over the past few months, both children and parents. We have loved you sharing the work that you have been busy doing at home. 


As mentioned on yesterday's web page, your child's report and books are available for collection from the school office at 1pm tomorrow (Wednesday). The children in school will bring their books home with them at the time they finish school. 


Here is the plan for today...


Please keep practising your reading by watching the Read, Write Inc. videos. In school the children are really enjoying the videos and are definitely benefiting from the regular teaching of the sounds, reading the words and spelling. Today I would suggest watching the following videos:


  • Speedy Sounds lesson (sound 'ire')
  • Spellings (sound 'ire')
  • Read and Hold a Sentence 2


Please read the story 'The Seagull' for the second time and complete the comprehension questions found in the book. It would be a good idea to write the answers in your Home Learning book. Remember to answer the questions in full sentences.

Spellings and Handwriting

Please continue to keep practising the sets of spellings over the holidays. The full spellings list has a separate star on the Galileo web pages (link below). The spellings in blue boxes are Year 1 spellings and those in yellow boxes are common exception words which children should know by the end of Year 2, so please keep working on all these words. I have also attached a copy of the Complex Sound Chart which you may find helpful. Encourage your child to use their Fred Fingers and the Complex Sound Chart when spelling words, they should be familiar with this from completing Read, Write Inc. spellings.


Over the holidays it would be great if your child could also continue to practise their handwriting, using 'get ready' lines. This can be encouraged whenever your child is doing any writing at home. 

Complex Sound Chart


Yesterday, the children in Year 2 had the opportunity to complete a reading scavenger hunt. I thought you may also enjoy this challenge so it is here to download and enjoy. smiley



Over the holidays we would love you to keep reading. We want this to be an fun experience and so we have got a Summer Reading Challenge for you! Complete the tasks on the sheet and return it in September. If you complete all the challenges then you get a special certificate! yes The sheet is available to download below, but we will also print a copy out for you and have it available for you to collect tomorrow, with your books and reports. Don't forget that you can continue to access the ebooks from the Oxford Owl website if you want a good range of books to read. 

Our Maths Learning Today


Yesterday we looked at different coins. Today we start our learning by looking at different notes  and their value. 

Watch the short video; pausing to do any working out on your whiteboard (if you are in class)and on a white board or paper/ your green books if you are at home. See how well you can do on the challenges set...

Now you have warmed up your knowledge on the value of different money notes, let's turn our attention back to counting in coins. Watch the video below; pausing to 'have a go' at the challenges and see how far you can get answering the questions on the worksheet below...


Here is the link to the topic page so you can choose an activity for this afternoon. smiley