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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Wednesday 20th May

PE: Does anyone want to make a PE video?


LO: To write varied sentences

Use the text by Catherine Fisher that we read yesterday, as stimulus for some grammar and sentence work to help you make your writing more interesting and varied.  I have copied the text below.  The activities on the document today are:

1) Pattern of three - write three of your own;

2) Semi-colons for independent clauses - what's the impact of the semi-colon in the sentences and write two or three of your own semi-colon sentences;

3: Adverbs - roving reporters - playing around with the position of adverbs in sentences


Year 5/6 LO: To add mixed numbers - alternative activities

Watch the video, stopping and starting it to have a go at drawing it out yourself.

The video is being hosted on the St Paul's Videos page as it allows larger videos, so click on the link below to get to this part of the school website.

Maths Year 5/6 LO: To add mixed numbers

More tricky work with adding fractions today, so remember that you can use the video to help you understand the questions.  They get harder as you work through the questions. 

Mark your work.

Maths Year 6 LO: To divide decimals by whole numbers

Use the video to help you complete questions 1 to 4.  If you are ready for a bigger challenge, try the second sheet. 

Mark your work.


LO: To create a frottage patchwork to show texture

Since you said you enjoyed the art video last week, here is another one for you to have a go at!