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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Tuesday 19th April

Year 5

Star Reader Tests

Logins are available - see clipboard

Reading Comprehension

LO: To answer questions using evidence from the text

Maths Y5

LO: To interpret charts

  1. Use the video to work through the lesson, completing activities when asked.
  2. Have a go at the questions on the sheet.
  3. Mark your work.
  4. Go back and try again, the ones you got wrong.
  5. Have a go at the True or False question.

Y5 Lesson Video- Interpret charts

Year 6 Maths

LO: To understand how to solve problems using the 'Mean Average'.

  1. Use the first video to work through the activity lesson.
  2. Use the second video to work through the main lesson, completing activities when asked.
  3. Have a go at the questions on the sheet.
  4. Mark your work.
  5. Go back and try again, the ones you got wrong.
  6. Have a go at the True or False question.

Year 6 Lesson Video - The mean -activity

Y6 Lesson Video - The mean


LO: To be able to explain the role Winston Churchill played in World War Two

Today you are going to find out more about who Winston Churchill was and what role he played in World War Two.   Some of you will produce fact files about him or other leaders, and some of you will use your knowledge to answer questions.


You will complete all of this work in your best presentation, in your history books.

You may be creative with this, however must show your understanding through well-written sentences.

  • Winston Churchill is remembered for being the leader of Britain during World War Two.

  • During the war, he led the country in the fight against Hitler.

  • Many towns and cities were bombed during the war. Hearing Churchill talk on the radio helped the British people to stay strong and positive.

  • Winston Churchill didn’t always do very well at school but he enjoyed painting pictures; he painted lots!

  • He was very good at reading and history, and wrote lots of history books.

  • He sometimes wore a ‘onesie’ called a siren suit, that he could put on in a hurry if there was an air raid.

1   First, click on the link and work your way down this BBC Bitesize lesson.

2    If you are working with Mrs Charmer, use what you learned to make your own fact file about Winston Churchill, like the one below.

3    If you are not working with Mrs Charmer, you need to use the PowerPoint about Leaders, to answer the questions you are given, from the options below.


Writing up Alma work