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Aspire not to have more but to be more – St Oscar Romero

Thursday 18th November 2021

Maths for Mrs Charmer's group

To identify multiples


 Coconut Multiples and Hit The Button

  1. Use the 'Multiples to 12' option and pick the times tables you know well - play the games.
  2. Now choose one times tables you need to improve and use these games to help you practise.

Year 5 - 6 Maths Lesson

LO: To understand common multiples

(If you find this lesson difficult, then you will need to do the additional lesson first)

  1. Use the video to guide you through the maths lesson, stopping and starting when asked.
  2. Complete the questions.
  3. Mark your work.
  4. Go back and try again, any you got wrong.
  5. Have a go at the True or False question to check your understanding.

Lesson Teaching Video Common multiples

If the common multiples lesson is too tricky, then do this lesson first.

Easier Multiples Lesson Video

Factors and Multiples Games


These English activities can be done at separate times, but must be done in the order shown.


  1. Open the chapter 6 document and read it to yourself, or to someone else, or ask someone else to read it to you.


LO: To find synonyms using a thesaurus

  1. We call groups of words that mean the same 'synonyms'.
  2. A thesaurus is a book which has lists of synonyms.
  3. Use a thesaurus or this online thesaurus, to find some synonyms of the vocabulary on the top of the Chapter 6 Activity Sheet. (Ignore the title 'before reading'.

English - Reading

LO: To infer characters' thoughts and feelings

  1. Now, you are going to answer the rest of the questions on the 'Chapter 6 Activity'.
  2. All of these questions ask you to think about Michael's feelings and why he had those feelings.
  3. You will also link Michael's actions and feelings with your own.

Synonyms Extension Activity


LO: To understand the changes which occur when something burns

  • This lesson will be done in class and any pupils still learning from home may join us on Zoom at 1.30pm.. 
  • A link and the passcode is on the school blog so that you can join us.
  • You will find this sheet helpful in today's lesson.