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Wednesday 8th July

Good  morning Year 2's. I hope you are all fit and well this morning. Your maths work for today is below and everything else is on our 'Everybody Week 13' page. If you click below I have a link to the blogging page where Mrs Smith will have put on a link to 'The Wednesday Word' which is via Zoom today at 9.15. 
For our literacy learning and suggested afternoon activity please head over to our 'Everybody Week 13' page...

Our Maths Learning Today...


Continues to look at 2 digit numbers but this time in the context of subtraction. Today we revise what we do when we need to exchange a tens rod for ten units to enable us to subtract from a number that means 'crossing the tens.'You may think this video starts off looking quite easy but the column subtraction revision as the video goes on is a little trickier than the addition. Watch carefully!cool

Our Learning Video for Today

Our worksheet for today. Remember the questions get trickier as you go on so see how many questions you can complete...

Here are the answers... see how you did!